WOO Mini Light – XS – 5pcs


WOO Mini Light – XS – 5pcs

(Various Fragrances)

10.00 $
MixMixNatural NaturalRadianceRadianceSparkleSparkleTranquilityTranquilityTreasureTreasure

Try out WOO’s exclusive fragrances with the Mixed Fragrance Mini Candle Set, or WOO those mini-moments with your favorite WOO perfume. Either way, you’ll be getting our luxurious, long-burning tea lights, crafted with a sophisticated fusion of pure beeswax, sustainably-sourced vegetable oils and the most enticing perfumes from the WOO Fragrance Collection. Encased in an aluminum tin with a fine German cotton wick, it features a natural wax inner and up to 6-hours burn time.

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