WOO Travel Candle


WOO Travel Candle

(Tranquility - Black | Treasure - Gold)

12.00 $

Let WOO melt your stress away, wherever you are. To use, melt the wax by lighting the candle, then cool the hot liquid for 10 minutes before pouring and WOOing. A must for romantic nights in! Featuring up to 10-hour burn time.

Available in the following exquisite European perfumes:

  • TRANQUILITY (Black). This sumptuous bouquet features honeysuckle and cardamom with a hint of citrus, adding a relaxing, lush and sweet-smelling backdrop to any space.
  • TREASURE (Gold). This rich and heady scent features ylang ylang and sandalwood with hints of mandarin and black pepper, creating a cherishing warmth and coziness that’s perfect to come home to.

Ingredients and materials include sustainably-sourced oils and beeswax, hand-sandblasted jar with screw-on lid and German lead-free cotton wick. Perfect for travel!

Handcrafted by people from vulnerable communities: beekeepers, sand blasters and wax specialists.

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